It’s me, Chancy

I googled "Chancy" and found a bunch of pictures of dogs. This isn't me. Or my dog.

There are a few things you should know about me:

I love writing.

I love pictures.

I spend copious amounts of time reading other people’s blogs and wishing mine was as funny.

I blog over at The Daily Awe – it’s about spirituality & intuition & all that good stuff. It’s one side of life that brings me much to ponder and has introduced me to some pretty incredible human beings. But it doesn’t represent me completely. This blog probably won’t either, but it’ll give me a chance to write about things other than spirit guides & all that jazz.

I’ll write. I’ll share pictures. I’ll share links to blogs I love. And I’ll have one reader (Hi, Mom!).

My best friend calls me Chancy. I’ll explain why another day.