Who is Chancy?

So you want to know about me, do you? I’m an almost 31-year-old who inwardly cringes when she says that out loud. Or even thinks it in her head. 30 was okay. 31? Youch.

I believe that life is full of serendipitous moments and synchronicity. It’s also full of people who annoy me. (If you chew vegetables at your desk at work, I’m talking about YOU).

I’m an introvert (not to be mistaken for shy – I’m not really shy) who loves her quiet time but I also love people and being around them.

My passions are many and I am never bored. My favorite season is Fall, though spring and summer are great, too! In the winter I will complain if I have to go outside and swear I’m moving out of Toronto ASAP.

I’m an American living in Canada though you’ll find that I am more ‘Canadian’ personality-wise, in that I will apologize for things I probably don’t need to and don’t have that American sense of entitlement. I do, however, love baseball and typically only celebrate American Thanksgiving.

Things I like:

– Scrabble
– Geocaching
– Shopping at Value Village (but I don’t dress like a hipster in vintage clothes)
– Food (especially if I don’t have to make it myself!)
– Cycling
– Laughing
– Astrology (but not in the typical lesbian way – in the ‘deeper meaning behind the signs’ kind of way).
– The ocean. Well, any body of water for that matter. Even the bath tub.
– People who have good grammar
– Music of all sorts
– Books
– Reiki and alternative medicine
– Girls who wear glasses
– Lists


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